About Winerack Singapore

WineRack is a online wine retailer specialising in selling wine in Singapore at a considerable discount from your conventional retail store.

Winerack was conceptualised in 2007 by two guys disgruntled by the over inflation of wine prices in the Hong Kong market. Then after the tax was removed from wine and prices still had not changed we figured starting up the company wasn't too much of a risk... If we don't sell it, we'll just drink it


Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore BIS Award

Best 6 Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore

Jump to 2013 and the concept of low cost, high quality wines had been a runaway success. Looking at Singapore we noticed that the same problem of over inflated wine prices, so we decided it's time to offer Singaporeans a better deal.


Cheaper prices, how?

We are small independent supplier and import 90% of our wines direct from a small number of vineyards. We only import their best wines, not their whole range. By concentrating on a smaller selection and having no middlemen or wholesalers we save on costs, allowing us to pass these savings to you.

We also prefer avoid the mass produced 'super-market' brands, as we believe these are poor value. Much of the cost of a supermarket bottle is in their marketing, the cost and quality of the juice in the bottle is generally much lower than the smaller independent suppliers like ourselves offer.\


No Shop?

We are a Singapore registered company but to keep our prices low we don't have any shops, we only offer sales via this online website. Our wine is stored in our logistics providers warehouse in Singapore, near Changi Airport.


Why 6 bottles?

We chose this number based on expensive delivery cost in Singapore and a convenient amount, people would like to keep in their house. At our prices you can buy a whole case of good quality wine for under S$140. Other companies offer free delivery based on the value of the order, they have built more than enough cost into their wines to cover the delivery cost of only a few bottles. We have seen some of these companies selling the same wines as us at up to $10-$20 above our price! Our mark ups are lower but it takes at least 6 bottles to cover our costs. We'd rather offer you wine at a lower cost than artificially mark them up in order for you to have 'Free Delivery' on a smaller order of less bottles.


What would like us to stock?

On average we only stock around 70 wines on this site and are always looking at tailoring our selection.
Please let us know what wines you would like us to offer from this list
(available on our HK site)


Free Delivery

Free delivery is offered to most areas of Singapore.
Additional charges may apply to the following areas...
Changi Airport Cargo Complex, Jurong Island, Military Bases.
Please contact us for details



To all of you, from all of us at WineRack - Thank you!