Pra Dei Dogi Pinot Grigio, Treviso, Veneto, Italy


Pra Dei Dogi Pinot Grigio is a straw-yellow with aromas of green apple, pear, litchi, and a hint of jasmine create a lively bouquet. The taste is mellow, fresh, with a touch of minerals.

This versatile wine complements starters, soups, risottos, fish, and white meat dishes.
Enjoy the crisp elegance, a taste of Veneto in every sip.

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Wine Colour / Type White Wine
Grape Variety Pinot Gris/Grigio
Style (dry/sweet) Dry
Popular Wine Styles White | Aromatic & Floral
Body Light
Vintage 2022
Alcohol (ABV) 12.5%
Region Treviso and Venice provinces
Country of Origin Italy
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Food Pairing Chicken/Poultry, Pork, Fish, Pasta

Pra Dei Dogi Pinot Grigio, hailing from the scenic vineyards of Treviso, Veneto, Italy, is a delightful journey in a glass. This straw-yellow wine opens with inviting hints of green apple, pear, litchi, and a touch of jasmine, offering a bouquet that's as lively as it is aromatic.


On the palate, the experience is mellow and fresh, with a distinct mineral undertone that adds depth to every sip.


This Pinot Grigio is a versatile companion, seamlessly pairing with a variety of dishes. From starters to soups, risottos to fish, and white meat dishes, its balanced flavor profile enhances the dining experience.


Savor the crisp elegance of Pra Dei Dogi Pinot Grigio—a wine that brings the sun-soaked charm of Veneto to your table, turning everyday moments into extraordinary ones.

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